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7 Day Ninja Traffic Plan


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Welcome to the 7 Day Ninja Traffic plan for your Amazon affiliate sites.Within this course you have a step by step course – all you need to do is follow the plan – oneday at a time.In the video i mention the “3 C’s”.These 3 “C’s” are:ContentConsistencyCreativityThe main two being content and consistency.The simple fact is that most people will not promote their sites! Why? Because it is hardwork!It can be a little boring BUT it does pay off.I ask you during your time with me and this course to give 100%! If you do, and you followthrough this course it will make you money. Also, as you keep on building the sites andworking hard you will get to the point where you don’t need to promote them quite as muchas you will get your ‘money makers’.Remember: You are following this course to FIND the winners! Once you have sites that takeoff for you and make sales you can then concentrate on a niche that you KNOW will sell andkeep on going to get better results.You can also use this material to promote ANY affiliate site to send free traffic


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