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Chakra Yoga for Personal Growth & Health


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Welcome to Chakra Yoga! Yoga for your mind, body and soul.This program will take your practice beyond the asana, to deepen your connection to self. Layering the physical with the mental, emotional and energetic.There are 7 full length classes in total (45-60 min long) and they are all combinations of Vin to Yin. This means the class starts with vinyasa yoga and ends with yin yoga.Vinyasa is an energetic style of yoga which will strengthen and tone your muscles. Yin Yoga is a passive style where poses are held for an extended period of time, great for flexibility and joint health.We’ll go over:Root chakra for safety, belonging and abundanceSacral chakra for creativity and sensualitySolar plexus chakra for confidence and determinationHeart chakra for empathy and forgivenessThroat chakra for clear communicationThird eye chakra for intuition and insightCrown chakra for connection to a greater purposeThis is a beautiful series that allows you to take your yoga practice deeper than just the physical. I hope you enjoy it!


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