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Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) 101


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This course covers the basic concepts of Enterprise Risk Management and important elements that finance executives and personnel need to be aware of when implementing ERM across their company.In todays world of evolving technologies and businesses, companies are taking on increasing levels of risk. This initiative has increased companies needs to employ appropriate Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) tactics in order to monitor and manage risk at the proper levels. In a world of do more at a faster pace, it is important for companies to manage their activities in a manner that can allow them to align risk strategies with overall risk management and internal control activities. Inability to do this may put the company at risk for not being able to meet strategic objectives.ERM is an initiative important to all aspects of the office of the CFO. Managing risk includes all levels of financial, operational and compliance risk.Standard stated benefits of ERM include: Increased competitive advantage, increased likelihood of achieving strategic objectives and ability to meet increased stakeholder expectations, improved governance and increased likelihood of meeting regulatory and compliance expectations.From the enterprise risk management training, you will come away from this course with a fuller understanding of ERM, how it fits in most companies and what the office of the CFO can do to ensure ERM works well and effectively protects the company without stifling growth.If you would like Continuing Education Credit (e.g. CPE, CE, CPD, etc.) for this course, it is available if you take this course on the Illumeo dot com platform under course title: Enterprise Risk Management 101. Illumeo is certified to provide CPE in over two dozen different professional certifications covering finance, accounting, treasury, internal audit, HR, and more. However, in order to receive CPE credit the courses must be taken on an approved-by-the-governing-body CPE platform, and for over two dozen corporate professional certifications, that is the Illumeo platform. Go to Illumeo dot com to learn more.


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