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How to be an online teacher


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In this course, you will learn how to become, and thrive, as an online teacher!You will learn how to create a dynamic and organized application package.This is includes resume building, how to create the perfect cover letter and, how to ace your demo lesson and interview!This course covers questions about online teaching such as how to get your dream online job and how to make money while doing so!This course will leave you feeling prepared and motivated to teach your own students in a dynamic online setting as well as how to thrive as a star employee!This course is taught by the skilled online teacher Vanessa Bielecki who has made a career out of the lucrative business of online teaching!She has experience teaching students from toddlers through adulthood.Miss Bielecki specializes in training teachers for the online classroom, teaching ESL students and curriculum development.The promise of Vanessa Bielecki and this course is to be with those enrolled every step of the way!From the beginning of the application process, to avoiding termination through being a star employee!


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