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Learn CATIA V5 from A TO Z


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This course will cover Introduction to the Catia and it’s application. Basic Modules or Workbench concept, Sketcher Workbench will be explain in detail so that the students will learn to sketch 2D geometries with the help of different tools. Examples for Sketching will be provided to the students on demand also some examples will be shown in the video form. Part Designing workbench will be taught in detail and at the end of the video students will learn about different modeling tools and methods. Examples will be shown in video so that students will understand the application of different tools in making single model. Generative Sheet Metal Design will be taught in detail and at the end students will see example video too. Assembly workbench is responsible for assembling the parts previously produced in Part Design, and it is most important for those who work in the field of machinery design or design in general, because it is the one who shows the inter-relationships between the parts of the machine or any mechanical establishment. In Generative Shape Design surfaces can be drawing with zero size and weight and has its uses in the aerospace, automotive, ships and Mold Design. Drafting workbench is responsible, for converting what you see on the screen to standard engineering drawings can be traded in the workshop for manufacturing or save them for documentation.


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