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Miglior Master Pre Calculus and Trigonometry

Master Pre Calculus and Trigonometry


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UPDATED AS OF JUNE 2019! All new quiz solution videos plus even more content to help students master all aspects of Precalculus and Trigonometry!WELCOME TO MASTER PRECALCULUS!This Pre-Calculus and Trigonometry Course includes over 65 lectures that will introduce students to many topics including trigonometric graphs, vectors. and conics. The students’ progress will be measured along the way through practice videos that contain examples following almost every new topic. This course can be broken into a few key categories:Everything graphing: Students will leave this course being able to graph and transform trig functions, quadratics, and more.Trigonometry: After this course trigonometry won’t seem so frightening anymore. Students will develop an understanding for trig by solving triangles, using trigonometric identities, and becoming comfortable with the unit circle.Calculus Preparation: Throughout the course students will be preparing for calculus. Working with conics, vectors, and polynomials will all help to make Calculus feel less daunting if that is the next step. Here’s what students have to say:This was an excellent course. Each topic is well explained. The intimidation of the subject is non existent with the instruction. Recommend it to anybody interested in Pre Calculus – James, Udemy StudentFreaking awesome instructor! this has taught me a lot. – Zacchary, Udemy StudentExcellent pre-calculus course! – Matt, Udemy StudentGreat precalculus course. Lessons were clear and engaging – Bridgette, Udemy Studentgreat tricks for remembering hard concepts – Babu, Udemy Student


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