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Retargeting with Facebook Ads Like a Pro


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Remarketing(retargeting) is the process of following up with your prospects or clientsin the digital world.This is an Advertising Strategy used by the best marketers and businessownersout there.FUNFACT:Only 2% of peoplewill buy the firsttime they find out about your company. Which means, that all the people you sendto your Facebook Page or Website, only 2% will buy the first time98%of sales will happen in the next 2 to 7 interactions with your brand orbusiness.Retargeting Remarketing is the cheapest yet most effective form of advertising if donecorrectly.This iswhy you need to do Retargeting (remarketing)Otherwise,you are leaving money on the table and your ROI will decrease. Imagine beingable to double your sales just by applying this principle of retargeting(remarketing) All your hard work and all the money you spend on trafficbringing people to your site or Facebook Page will finally pay off.Acquiringcustomers through traffic without retargeting is basically leaving money ontable, and it is very expensive.Ifyou have a business, you probably have a Facebook Page. You may also have aWebsite.But it is not necessary to have awebsite to do Retargeting (remarketing).Youneed to assign a small budget to follow up with people where they left Youwill show ads to specific people to remind them to take the next action.What if you were able to push 5,10, or 20% MORE people to the next step of your funnel?Mostmarketers are leaving BIG money on the table because they dont follow up witha prospect after theyve left their funnel.Buttoday its easier than ever to follow up using ad retargeting.I will teach how toEASILYCreatethose Remarketing Audiences and Create Remarketing Campaigns on Facebook tofollow up with them without breaking the bank.Thisis all about converting more people into customers, and making your currentcustomers buy more from your company


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