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Selling With Stories - For Content Writers and Copywriters


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People make purchase decisions with their hearts, not their heads.And the most powerful way to reach a persons heart is through a good story.By taking this course youll learn how to use stories to power up your content writing, your sales copy and your social media writing.”The course was INSPIRING! It uncovered what should have been obvious, and included PRACTICAL tips to put the principles into practice. GREAT!” – Gopinathan ThachappillyIve learned and enjoyed listening at the same time. I studied case studies but this program takes content with stories to another level an exciting marketing strategy. And taught as only Nick can teach. JudithOver the course of 19 lectures youll learn how to apply 5 key attributes of all good stories:Stories capture & hold attentionStories engage people at a deep, emotional levelStories build empathy and trustStories drive sales without the need for hard-sell tacticsStories create long-term relationships and are rememberedReally enjoyed this course . Came away with a better understanding of how important stories are in writing web content for myself as well as for my clients. A great jumping off point for tackling a blank page. Teresa BarrettaNOW is the best time to grow your expertise as a writer who can sell with stories.Online, people can turn off most advertising any time they want.If people find a companys emails too salesy or pushy, theyll unsubscribe or mark those emails as spam.If people get fed up with all the ads that fill their favorite news, sports and entertainment websites, theyll install an adblocker.It is estimated that by 2020 over $12 billion worth of ads will have been blocked with adblockers.In other words, people dont like ads and they certainly dont like the hard-sell approach favored by some copywriters and marketers.So… if you can no longer convert prospects with the hard-sell approach, whats the answer?The answer is to sell with stories.Stories stir up emotions. And emotions drive people to sign up, subscribe and buy.


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