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Site Launch Blueprint - WordPress Basics


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Ive spent YEARS designing sites for clients.Now I want to show YOU how to do the same without spending YEARS learning to code or paying THOUSANDS outsourcing to a designer.Inside Site Launch Blueprint, you will learn exactly how build your own sites even if you have ZERO prior experience. We teach through allowing you to sit in and watch over the shoulder as we build practical sites with real uses. We show you how to build sites with completely FREE tools that clients would happily pay you $500+ for OR as a personal brand could bring you an income for life.Youll get access to support to answer any questions you need so that youre not left alone when setting up your website. This is crucial because it will make the process simple and quick, vs. tedious and painful like so many entrepreneurs unfortunately go through.Its time to learn how to build a businesses most powerful asset EVER! Are you ready?


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