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Ultimate Autopilot Blogging with Wordpress  2019


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Do you know that you can blog on autopilot? Instead of writing your blog by yourself you can simply automate your blogging, create unique content on autopilot and generate revenue from your wordpress website.You can create unique content for your blog on autopilot and hence track your audience and show them ads related to their interests.Is it legal?Yes it is legal in two ways.1. We will give credit to the original author of the content that we fetch through RSS. It will be done automatically by the plugin that we use in the course.2. Even if step 1 looks a bit illegal, We will convert the content to unique content hence it will be fully legal and can be indexed on Google search Engine.In this course you will learn:1: To get Domain, Hosting and SSL certificate free for your Blog.2: To setup WordPress for Auto blogging and getting your desired content on your blog.3: To optimise your blog for SEO.4: To Re-target your audience in order to get high conversion rate.5: Generate unique content for your website on Autopilot.6: Fetch Clickbank product feeds for your website.And a lot more.Once you have setup everything you can get lot of audience and then put up show ads on your blog from adsense or any other ads company and generate revenue from your blog.


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