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Ultimate Facebook Ads Course: Build A Viral Facebook Page!


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If youwant to know the exact way to get extremely low costFacebook adson yourFacebook Page,this Udemy course is for you! You get to learn the exact methods andstrategiesthatwill work for youbased on my experience building myFacebook pageto more than nearly 30KlikesusingFacebook Ads. Take this course today and start getting Facebook Page Likes for 0.004 (or potentially lower) and Facebook Video Views for 0.0003!As a YouTuber who has used Google Adwords to get views on my videos, the lowest possible cost per view is 1c. Which means for 1000 views, you will pay $10.In this course, Ishow you how you can get Video Views on Facebook for 0.0003 cents, which means1000 views is only 30cents!!You are virtually paying NOTHING!And that is the magic Iteach you in this course!If, like me, you are looking to build your Social Proof, then this course may bethe perfect way! When Ifirst started this page, I spent $30 on just 300 likes. I did not know the ways in which you could get low cost likes!Iwas foolish and naive, but after a lot of pain and frustration Ifinally figured how to get the best possible costs for Likes. I share with you the precise formula you need to follow, along with me implementing it live for you to follow.Ialso show you a live example of a video which cost me just $20 to achieve 60,000 views, at 0.0003c per view. On YouTube this would have cost me $600!!You will see how to create a Page that can be self-growing with these techniques. There are plenty of Viral Video sharing pages on Facebook that are growing organically thanks to techniques from this video!The organic growth will be achieved once you’ve scaled up your Facebook page likes and your Facebook Video Views!And if you want to just build your Facebook page to build social proof for theprofessional brand you’ve created, this course is just what you need. You will see how Imanaged to get 0.0008c per view on a local video to a small niche audience. The Three Zero Club awaits you in this course!This is not just a load of slides with theory, Ishow you REALPROOF!See the free previews…To start learning, just click’Take this course’button andenroll!You risk no money enrolling because of the 30 day no questions asked refund policy. 99% of students do not request a refund which then just leaves your time.For every minute that you delay, you could be saving a huge amount of money…Thank you very much for reading this and Ihope to see you in the first lecture of this powerhouse course!


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